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What is the Flexible Working Regulations (Amendment) 2023 and what does it mean for workforce management?

The Flexible Working (Amendment) Regulations 2023, effective from April 6, 2024, ushers in a new era of employee empowerment and organisational adaptability.
Employee Experience

The Impact of Industry 5.0 on Manufacturing and People Operations

Industry 5.0 puts people at the centre of its processes and is having a significant impact on HR and Operations, specifically people operations and manufacturing.
Employee Experience

Three strategies to future-Proof your Distribution and Logistics Operations

As the industry confronts the need for competitiveness and sustainability, workforce dynamics play a pivotal role. Learn more about how Distribution and Logistics companies can become resilient to tackle future challenges. 

Aligning HR and Operations to create a seamless employee experience

To avoid the “Great Resignation 2.0” organisations will need to prioritise employee experience, invest in HR technology, and bridge the gap between Operations and HR. In this blog, analyst fim Fosway explores the role next-generation People Operations solutions will play in integrating HR and Operations activity to deliver a seamless experience for employees. 

Three Areas of Action to Navigate Complexities in the Retail Sector

Retail, hospitality, and food service businesses have changed radically in recent years, growing in complexity in multiple, interacting ways. In this blog, we’ll explore three areas of complexity retail, hospitality and food service businesses are encountering and how they can successfully and advantageously navigate them. 

Retail Recruitment and Retention – Four Strategies for Success

Let’s explore four ways in which businesses can attract and retain the right workers, addressing talent shortages and bringing staff turnover under control.

The tangible link between
employee experience, attraction, and retention

With our continued focus on ‘People Matter’, we explore the challenges within retail around recruiting and retaining talent and consider some of the trends and positive steps forward.

Productivity an issue? Tackling HR productivity comes first

In the couple of years, organisations have been re-modelling themselves to mitigate financial strains and meet the need for new ways of working, and HR needs to be the flagship of productivity.
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Workforce Management

Comprehensive absence and timekeeping strategy can drive
compliance for manufacturing

A well-planned comprehensive absence management and timekeeping strategy can be incredibly useful in achieving compliance proactively and reducing unplanned and unanticipated costs.  

The 4 C’s of Successful Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is a critical process for engaging new hires. First impressions count, and no employee wants to arrive the first day with a pile of paperwork to complete and without the necessary equipment.