Our Purpose is People

Our purpose is people

This is more than just a tagline. We believe that when people feel valued and like they belong, their innovative spirit is unlocked and they are empowered to tap into their unique talents for the good of themselves, their team, their company, their customers and their community.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) at UKG

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) at UKG

We firmly believe in doing the right thing for our employees, our customers and our communities. The purpose of our ESG programme is to coordinate and optimise the multitude of activities that we manage in support of our beliefs, to identify opportunities for us to grow and strengthen our commitments, and to demonstrate the positive impacts that we are making through measurable progress and tangible results.

We are united, kind and growing

Our UKG values and behaviours provide a foundation for who we are. They enable professional and personal success for U Krewers around the world, while ensuring that we live “our purpose is people” to build lifelong partnerships with our customers and deliver technology experiences for people that go beyond just work.

  • United


    We are better together.

  • Kind


    We will do the right thing.

  • Thrive


    We can make an impact.

Chris Todd, President UKG

“Meaningful work and access to good jobs has a direct impact on society and the communities in which we live. Our values and behaviours bring ‘our purpose is people’ to life for our customers so they can create meaning and purpose for their people all around the world.” 

Chief Executive Officer | UKG 
A diverse and inclusive culture of belonging

A diverse and inclusive culture of belonging

Businesses succeed when all individuals are respected, all voices are heard and all employees have the support and resources necessary to thrive as professionals and as people. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) at UKG focuses on building an inclusive environment where differences are respected, and our innovative spirit is unlocked.

An award-winning workplace because of our people

At UKG, our culture starts with our people. People inspiring people to greatness so that we can care for each other, our families, our communities and our customers. We take great pride in our award-winning workplace culture and how it inspires our purpose, which enables us to build better products and deliver better services for our customers.

Our accolades

Fortune America's Most Innovative Companies 2023
TIME World's Best Companies 2023 Badge
Careers at UKG

Careers at UKG

We strive to create an employee experience that equips and empowers our people with the tools and resources that they need to do their most inspired work. Explore career opportunities around the world.

How do employees feel about working at UKG?

Find out what it’s really like to work at UKG. Read what our employees have to say on online review sites – in their own words.

How Do Employees Feel About Working at UKG?

“Dynamic work environment where you can make a difference.”

Senior Manager | Massachusetts | USA
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