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Your people are your most valuable resource. See how our HR software for manufacturing can help you create great work experiences for your employees and drive better business outcomes.


Why UKG for manufacturing?

Access to real-time labour data and visibility into the entire manufacturing operations can help achieve operational agility, throughput optimisation, workforce performance improvements, and better employee engagement, resulting in cost reductions, compliance, and better business outcomes.

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    Real-time analytics

    Get real-time access to operational data so that you can address key workforce challenges in the moment.

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    Intelligent labour scheduling

    Automatically create best-fit schedules that take into account production demand and employee skills, certifications and preferences.

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    Mobile access at any time

    Connect and empower your workforce with access to view work-related information, swap shifts and make time-off requests from anywhere.

Customer Stories

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“We are scattered across 37 countries, we have a number of (…) challenges.”

UKG has provided Kemira with a locally adaptable global HRSD platform that leads to higher efficiency, more transparency, and compliance in 34 countries.

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“With UKG we are more autonomous and much faster.”

Unilever achieves 97% adoption rate of UKG HRSD among the employees and sustainably improves HR services

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