Stay agile in the face of regulatory change

State Compliance Guide on Labor Regulations
A practical guide to proactive HR compliance
Stress Less. Accomplish More. A Practical Guide To Proactive HR Compliance.

HR compliance requires a proactive strategy to keep pace with rapidly changing laws. We work to reduce the risk by helping you stay flexible, automate processes and anticipate trends before they happen.

Why UKG for Compliance?

Turn regulatory requirements into competitive advantages that support all people.

  • Competencies

    Streamline Compliance Processes

    Build in the pay, time and HR regulatory standards that you need to follow the rules and calculations your solution can manage for you, helping to reduce manual work and the risk of non-compliance with HR legislation.

  • Certification

    Keep Pace with New Standards

    Operate faster based on the newest labour law changes – from local to global – thanks to regular monitoring by UKG experts and timely solution updates.

  • Compliance Superstar

    Build Connections with Compliance

    View the latest DEI&B, company culture and employer brand best practices in the same place where you manage regulatory compliance to create more future-ready policies.

Customer Stories

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Kemira Logo

“We are scattered across 37 countries, we have a number of (…) challenges.”

UKG has provided Kemira with a locally adaptable global HRSD platform that leads to higher efficiency, more transparency, and compliance in 34 countries.

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London Energy Logo

“UKG gives us a view of absence and enables us to measure productivity.”

UKG has transformed LondonEnergy’s productivity, and provided complete visibility of the workforce

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