Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

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the new future of work
The New Future of Work
Download the white paper to explore each of four pillars in detail and learn of the key actions your organisation should take to emerge stronger and thrive in the new future of work.
See the whole person, not just the employee. The UKG® Life-work Technology™ approach to Human Capital Management (HCM) is built to thoughtfully anticipate and adapt to your people’s needs.

Why UKG for HCM?

Encourage your people to bring their whole selves to work. Achieve powerful organisational outcomes by connecting your people and business systems to help your employees.

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    Build a Culture of Belonging

    Create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels heard and seen with clear career paths, feedback opportunities, support for their passions and transparent communication.

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    Foster Organisational Adaptability

    Build resilience and flexibility in your workforce and business practices with smart, automatic guidance on best practices, options to explore different roles, and intuitive, compliant standards. 

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    Guide People and Offer Autonomy

    Inspire confidence and action with self-service access anytime, anywhere to complete tasks, engage in learning, explore recommendations, and connect with UKG experts. 

Customer Stories

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“UKG gives us a view of absence and enables us to measure productivity.”

UKG has transformed LondonEnergy’s productivity, and provided complete visibility of the workforce

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“I would definitely recommend UKG”

Harmonising HR Services across countries and processes that are compliant across different countries and audit-proof. 

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