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Show your employees the appreciation they deserve all year round - not just on Valentine’s Day

LONDON, UK | Valentine’s Day, is an important date in the calendar for all of us to show our appreciation for one another. While it’s a great time to spread the good vibes, just like in our personal lives, it’s essential for employers to demonstrate their appreciation for their people every single day.
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UKG debuts the 2024 HR Megatrends shaping the world of work

LONDON, UK | UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today debuted its 2024 HR Megatrends that will shape the world of work for millions of employees and organisations across industries. The company will discuss the 2024 HR Megatrends in depth — including what they mean for the workforce and what organisations can do to best support their people in 2024 — during the UKG Aspire conference this week in Las Vegas.
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UKG welcomes startups with shared vision for great workplaces

LONDON, UK | UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today introduced its second cohort of early-stage companies — from four different countries — as part of its fast-growing, in-house global startup ecosystem and virtual laboratory, UKG Labs.
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AI at Work: It’s Here and It’s Working, Whether You Know It or Not

LONDON, UK | Don’t call it a takeover, AI’s been here for years. A new global study from HR, payroll, and workforce management software provider UKG reveals that many people use AI daily both at home and at work, and it’s already making millions of jobs easier — employees just don’t know it. This disconnect underscores the need for greater transparency from companies using AI and more insight into the benefits of prioritising AI at work to help build trust with employees, increase productivity, and improve business outcomes.
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Towards the Agile
Management of HR

More than a third of HR professionals fail to keep track of regulatory developments. Given the burden of responsibility of HR, HR needs and deserves an agile solution, made possible by digital transformation — to reduce the risks of non-compliance and enable employees to benefit from the best possible support.  
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Managers Impact Our Mental Health More Than Doctors, Therapists — and Same as Spouses

LONDON, UK | Is your manager stressing you out, or do they have a positive impact on your mental health? The Workforce Institute at UKG surveyed 3,400 people across 10 countries to spotlight the critical role our jobs, leadership, and, most of all, our managers play in supporting mental health in and outside of work.
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Reigniting the passion – Five ways businesses can help employees fall back in love with their jobs

2022 was a tumultuous year for relationships between businesses and employees across the UK. From the Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting...
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Quiet Quitting...
or Career Correction?

One of the hottest trends up for discussion (and debate) in HR right now is the idea of “quiet quitting.” What does this trend mean for businesses?
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“Long COVID” Grips the Workplace: 2023 Predictions

LONDON, UK. | The Workforce Institute at UKG today released its annual list of Workplace Predictions, forecasting the top trends that will impact the workforce in 2023.
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2023 Megatrends from UKG: Navigating the Human Energy Crisis; Optimising Organisational Plasticity; and the Gen X Effect

LONDON, UK. | UKG today announced its 2023 HR Megatrends that will emerge in the year ahead.