Show your employees the appreciation they deserve all year round - not just on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to show people they’re special, but there are plenty of ways for managers to prioritise employees year-round
8 February, 2024, LONDON, UK

Valentine’s Day, is an important date in the calendar for all of us to show our appreciation for one another. While it’s a great time to spread the good vibes, just like in our personal lives, it’s essential for employers to demonstrate their appreciation for their people every single day. 

Recent figures show that 68% of workers are looking to improve their wellbeing over advancing their careers. This comes as no surprise, as many mindsets – particularly in the wake of the pandemic – have shifted towards prioritising mental and physical health above all else. In the workplace, HR tech has an integral role to play in improving the employee experience for so many of us moving forward. 

To ensure an organisation is a great place to work, business leaders must provide the latest solutions for staff all year round. In short, gesture management no longer has a seat at the table in 2024. Instead, long-term, genuinely helpful innovations must be at the forefront of a business’ approach to its employees. For example, providing HR tech, workforce management and seamless payroll solutions should be seen as a staple for any organisation in today’s working world. 

Nicole Bello, Group Vice President at UKG comments: “Employees want to feel appreciated and rewarded all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day! With this in mind, employers must begin the right dialogue with staff to gain an understanding of what services they would like to see implemented or improved whilst at work. 

“The latest workforce management solutions offer an opportunity for employers to listen to the needs of their staff. Personalised surveys are just one option available for workers to share their experiences directly and privately with management. So forget company-wide Valentine’s Day cards, this is what employees really want to see in their inbox!

“Having the power of autonomy over your own time scheduling empowers workers to take control of their work life and further strengthens communication with colleagues. Automation doesn’t just provide a better experience for staff and is also better for business too. Overhauling outdated and often time-consuming processes into a more engaging and frictionless experience for the employee should be the priority. 

“Businesses which offer staff a more streamlined experiences and greater levels of autonomy will reap the rewards later down the line as staff retention will undoubtedly improve. Workers will be able to tangibly feel the trust and care from their employer. 

“Showing gratitude to employees by improving how people are managed can prove to be a lifeline for staff who have historically felt neglected. HR tech in particular can help solve this, providing a voice to employees and providing open lines of communication between teams. This can be a significant step towards a more transparent and honest relationship across the workforce.”

Bello concludes: “Taking care of your workforce is a year-long commitment and cannot be exclusively reserved for one day of the year. Providing the solutions and sense of autonomy for workers to feel empowered and take control of their working lives through HR tech is the most powerful gesture an employer can make to their staff.” 

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