UKG Ready – Reporting & Analytics

Receive proactive, practical and trusted guidance

Automatically receive the insights you need to be confident that you’re making the right decisions without adding to your workload.

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All that’s included

Automatic advice that outlines opportunities for continuous improvement to maximise your time, focusing on the data needed for meaningful action – all to help you make a proactive, positive impact.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access critical, real-time reporting and dashboards when you need them most. 

Actionable Insights

Receive valuable insights and actionable recommendations on things like flight risk and fatigue, so you can keep your people longer.


Understand what normal looks like for your organisation based on others like it, identify outliers fast, and mitigate risk to drive positive change.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain understanding around how people feel about important activities or initiatives and use summarised trends to adjust accordingly.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Receive notifications containing valuable people analytics and take action in the moment on your mobile phone.

UKG Ready Talent Customer Quote

“UKG Ready enables us to customise allocating different pay to specific job categories; meaning one employee can fill a variety of jobs and be paid accurately. This was the only solution on the market that offered this functionality.”

Natalie Bellis, HR Director
Derwen College
UKG Ready
Flexible, seamless HR for leaner teams

Leverage the power of HR, talent, payroll and time in a single solution to deliver a modern, personalised experience that increases efficiency and simplifies compliance.

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