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UKG Ready People Insights

Designed to deliver trusted AI guidance automatically without adding to your workload, UKG Ready® People Insights  provides proactive, practical recommendations that help you help your people, maximise your time, and continuously improve your organisation.

Find out how UKG Ready People Insights can become your AI advisor and help you proactively explore your data to make a positive impact on your people and your organisation.

UKG Ready People Insights

Quick Flight Risk
Recognise when people are likely to leave, understand what’s causing it, and reengage them to improve their experience while also reducing cost and risk for the organisation based on timely alerts highlighting a variety of contributing factors.

Versatile Sentiment Analysis
Know how people feel about important activities and initiatives across the employee lifecycle to make the right decisions based on facts instead of instincts in areas such as recruiting evaluations, engagement surveys, and performance reviews.

Actionable Benchmarks
Automatically understand what normal looks like for your organisation, identify outliers fast, and get advice on how best to present that data in a way you and others can use to drive positive change or mitigate risk in the right areas without guesswork.