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We need to talk about Time and Attendance

Why do you need to modernise your essential workforce management tools?
Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else,” wrote the great business management author Peter Drucker. The time is now for companies to formalise time-keeping and absence/attendance monitoring. Time and Attendance (T&A) systems provide everything necessary to monitor, understand and optimise workers’ time.

Required field

Specialist T&A services improve accuracy and efficiency in time management and reporting, freeing up managers and employees alike from spending unnecessary time on repetitive, administrative tasks, and create an audit trail that helps firms remain compliant with laws and rules. Using the full power of automation generates data that can be mined for insights to improve processes, understand true labour costs, manage leave policies and match staffing to operational goals. This in turn leads to more engaged managers and employees who are empowered to focus on higher-value tasks. T&A will also point to another key element of under-productivity – absence – and show employers absenteeism patterns.

In this whitepaper we will particularly examine T&A in the context of:

  • Productivity: How to get more from people and capitalise on their skills and availability to work, with T&A systems;
  • Compliance: T&A systems make it easier to comply with the rules and stay on the right side of regulators’ red tape;
  • The new generations of workers: How the right digital tools help to attract and retain new generations;
  • The role of technology: How new tools make clocking in and out simple and provide more valuable data;
  • Steps to adopting a T&A solution and modernising your approach.