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We need to talk about Time and Attendance

Why do you need to modernise your essential workforce management tools? 
The sole function of a Time and Attendance (T&A) system previously was to record start, finish and break times – enabling accurate payroll processing and the monitoring of schedule compliance. Offering little benefit to employees other than getting paid, these old on-premise and siloed systems delivered good but limited value.

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We need to talk about Time and Attendance

In today’s modern world of work, having access to accurate, real-time data is now essential for optimising performance and productivity. With the next generation cloud-base and AI power workforce management (WFM) solutions, managers have data accuracy, real-time insight and control to enhance their decision making – improving results and enhancing employee experience.

Next generation WFM solutions collect data that enables you to answer many questions. How much time are we spending on value and non-value-added activity? Which is our location with the highest productivity – globally? Which members of staff should I be rewarding for their dedication and performance? Who may need additional training and support? What’s the labour cost element of a particular process or activity?

Modern WFM deliver these answers and more….in additional to ensuring people are paid accurately and on-time – every time.

In this whitepaper we will particularly examine T&A in the context of:

  • Productivity: How to get more from people and capitalise on their skills and availability to work
  • Compliance: T&A systems make it easier to comply with the rules and stay on the right side of regulators’ red tape;
  • The new generations of workers: How the right digital tools help to attract and retain new generations;
  • The role of technology: How new tools make clocking in and out simple and provide more valuable data;
  • Steps to adopting a T&A solution and modernising your approach.