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Unlocking HR Success: Unifying operational efficiency with enriched employee experiences

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, HR leaders are facing new challenges which include overcoming issues related to employee development, engagement, retention, and operational efficiency. Merging operational efficiency with enhanced employee experiences has become a necessity for businesses. That’s why people operations solutions have emerged.

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Unlocking HR Success: Unifying operational efficiency with enriched employee experiences

What are the challenges faced by HR leaders and C-suite executives?

People Operations has been praised by analysts as being the right tool to align HR and Business needs. People Operations provides businesses with increased adaptability when it comes to improving employee experience through agile operating models, cost controls and productivity management. With people operations, HR departments can align business objectives, customer demands and employee needs to create a great employee experience and deliver on organisational goals.

  • Resource Planning
    Resource Planning

    Lack of internal tools to efficiently allocate resources and drive higher levels of innovation

  • Productivity Drivers
    Productivity Drivers

    Negative impacts on employee growth and time to proficiency in the role

  • Employee Engagement Drivers
    Employee Engagement Drivers

    Lack of tools to engage employees and build loyal relationships

What are the top priorities for Best-in-Class HR organisations when choosing technology solutions?

Aberdeen Research has found that the success of best-in-class HR resides in their ability to invest in modernisation and new technologies. They use modernised and automated solutions that streamline operations while making HR engagement more effective and empowering for employees.

With people operations-focused HR systems, they are able to eliminate time-consuming and inefficient HR processes in favour of more proactive capabilities that provide employees with the tools they need as well as increased development opportunities.

When choosing a people operations solution, some key elements to consider include Self Service, Proactive and Strategic Planning, Ease HR Workflows and Processes

According to Aberdeen Research, the top 3 priorities that Best-in-class HR look up to when  choosing their technology solutions are:

Increase use of AI
Provide higher quality data
Improve employee user experience

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