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Hyper-Personalisation: Transforming your employee experience

Welcome to the new era of hyper-personalisation.

In this report, written by Jon Ingham, Director of the Strategic HR Academy, and brought to you by HRZone in association with UKG, we explore everything you need to know about hyper-personalisation and how companies can succeed in this new climate.

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Customisation and personalisation are no longer enough in the shift towards more people-centric organisations. We need to uncover new ways of bolstering the employee experience while becoming much more attuned to the needs and lives of individual workers.

This report explores:

  • The shift from customisation to hyper-personalisation
  • How technology can bolster hyper-personalisation
  • Why employee transformation is a key pillar to hyper-personalisation
  • What a hyper-personalised HR function looks like

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