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UKG People Operations Solution Framework

Statistics prove that ‘great workplaces’ significantly outperform their industry counterparts and technology plays an essential role in helping organisations deliver a positive people focused culture. Choosing which people technologies to prioritise can however be a challenge. The myriad of solutions available leaves many business leaders struggling to decide which will deliver the greatest return on investment for their organisation. 

This is why we created the UKG People Operations Solution Framework.

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UKG People Solution Framework

The UKG People Operations Solution Framework provides a structure for understanding and assessing the role played by key people technologies in enabling positive cultures and strong business outcomes. Using the framework, business leaders in HR and operations can evaluate their current processes and choose the right technologies to drive business transformation.

  • DEFINE: Setting your strategic business outcome and culture goals
  • PLAN: Mapping your medium to long-term labour resource requirements
  • BUILD: Building the workforce that will meet your goals
  • DEPLOY: Utilising your valuable labour resource effectively
  • EXECUTE: Managing in the moment activity to meet goals
  • OPTIMISE: Using data insight to drive continuous improvement
  • CONNECT: Enabling the seamless flow of data and information between systems and people
  • PEOPLE DATA: Having and sharing a single source of truth for your employees.

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