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UKG Pro Workforce Management Analytics Datasheet

Organisations have struggled for years to gain access to the workforce management information they need to gain valuable business insights. And legacy systems and tools often restrict what data can be accessed or how and when it can be reported. UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions® ) embeds workforce data and analytics on the same platform to provide users with access to actionable visualisations and KPIs with no separate platform or server needed.

UKG Dimensions Analytics and Information Access Datasheet

UKG Pro Workforce Management can help: 

  • Boost productivity with ad-hoc reporting that simplifies data access
  • Contain labour costs through Dataviews that deliver real-time access to your operational data
  • Lower non-compliance risk with the ability to drill down to find the root cause of problems 
  • Address key workforce challenges such as overtime and turnover with packaged data-science solutions that leverage machine learning
  • Provide insight into your organisation’s performance against business goals and objectives with Real-time KPIs

Learn more about UKG Pro Workforce ManagementAnalytics (formerly UKG Dimensions® Analytics)by downloading this informative datasheet.