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Outdated Time and Attendance Puts Productivity at Risk Infographic

Outdated Time and Attendance puts productivity at risk. Learn the facts.

Workforce Management and T&A systems exist to get more from people and capitalise on their skills and availability to work. The key to productivity is to have a deep knowledge of how people are being deployed, their roles, whether they are full-time, temporary, part-time or shift workers, and their hours. You can drill down to further understand what they are doing and when, and whether this is the best possible use of their time.

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An efficient T&A system will be able to swiftly detect recurring lateness and absence – two key causes of inefficiency and lost productivity. A fully-evolved T&A system will help managers keep track of more complex functions such as assigning multiple tasks to the same individual and compensating them accordingly, managing exceptions such as missed punches.

By mapping, simplifying and automating workforce-related processes, it will be far simpler to understand the basic time and attendance patterns of the organisation as a whole.