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UKG Ready Equips SMBs with Enterprise HR

Nucleus Research reports SMBs can reduce payroll processing time by more than 50% with UKG Ready

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UKG Ready provides a single suite for HR, payroll, talent, time, and attendance to help SMBs improve efficiency, maintain compliance, and achieve greater cohesiveness among department practices — even as they operate remotely.

The UKG Ready mobile apps allows managers to approve time‐off requests and respond to employee inquiries on demand.

The platform’s ability to offer hiring, onboarding, and benefits in one location helps new hires deliver value sooner.

Automated capabilities allow organisations to avoid discrepancies in time tracking, payroll processing, and reporting.

As more SMBs adopt hybrid work models, having a singular location for HR processes has become increasingly important for maintaining efficiency and consolidating processes in areas such as core HR, payroll, talent, and time and attendance. The cloud‐based UKG Ready® platform provides end‐to‐end HCM with automated capabilities that streamline processes and a cohesive suite experience that maximises collaboration.