Our technology focuses on the needs of the whole person

We champion great workplaces and believe innovation should serve all people. That’s why we partner for life — to help you build a culture of belonging through intelligent solutions that listen, coordinate feedback, and help detect bias.

Build a culture of belonging

Create and evolve your culture with a focus on building a community of belonging through intelligent systems that continuously listen, learn, and communicate. We help you understand ways to move the needle on commitments in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging that ensure fair and equitable practices for all people.

Foster organisational adaptability

Adapt to change by fostering organisational adaptability and resilience to embrace flexibility and improve employee trust. We’re focused on optimising the value of your solution by meeting the unique needs of your people – and one way that can be done is partnering with our highly engaged, tenured people who understand how to maximise your business with specialty scheduling offerings all people deserve.

Guide people and offer autonomy

Invest in people’s growth by balancing guidance with autonomy from our solutions so your people can be both effective and compliant. Our decades of insight and data are inspired by all people – and you receive actionable information around what really drives them professionally and personally through our detailed lens in engagement, motivation, and productivity at work.

Life Work Technology
Unlock happier outcomes for all

Behind every successful organisation are optimised business performance, more connected workforces and happier people. Your Life-Work Technology experience with UKG helps your organisation become transformational, proactive, and adaptive so that you better recognise people both professionally and personally.

“[UKG] has helped [our employees] tremendously to be able to get done what they want to do inside and outside of work.”

Janet Butler
President and CEO | Community Systems, Inc.

“[Our employees] love it. They now have everything available for them not only at work, but on mobile and also at home.”

Colleen Stratton
AVP, Total Rewards | First Premier Bank and Bankcard
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