At the heart of every great workplace is people

We strive to help you meet the needs of the person so you can create powerful, people-centric cultures that elevate the workplace. It’s all part of our Life-work Technology™ approach to support your business and partner for life to help you achieve great things at work.

Practice safety with proof of trust and care

Promote a safe culture led from the top with a focus on building an inclusive workplace of belonging and care. We help you develop a secure environment of openness and respect — built to encourage feedback frequently and collaboratively, inspiring greater action from your teams throughout the year.

Feel heard with personalised experiences

Adapt to change by fostering organisational adaptability and resilience that embraces flexibility and improves employee trust. We’re focused on helping you build better workplace culture through solutions that protect your employee’s voice and make them feel authentically heard — and all powered by Artificial Intelligence that detects patterns and reveals meaningful opportunities from deeper insights.

Frame value by opportunity and growth

Grow a standout culture of stability and inclusivity in your organisation with timely guidance and insightful data so you can recognise your people’s feelings, anticipate their needs, and see patterns collected from everyday moments. We guide you into making people-centered decisions to help every person feel valued with opportunity and growth.

Realise culture is your superpower

Purpose-driven cultures level-up outcomes such as optimised business performances, more connected workforces and happier people. Elevate your workplace by championing great workplaces alongside UKG — Guiding your organisation to recognise the uniqueness of people helping you become great.

Dial into what it means to be great

Build equity in your employer brand by creating a Great Place To Work® where people are happy and productive. Boost engagement and drive retention with the opportunity to become a Great Place To Work-Certified company — one that is done by discovering your culture strengths and improving the employee experience.

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Make insights actionable

Gain practical, actionable insights and recommendations that help you create great workplace experiences in a way that positively impacts lives, communities, and business outcomes. Our network spans thousands of HR professionals who use our research, articles, books, and informative podcasts to progress their workplaces by focusing on employee engagement.

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Uniquely inspire all people

Thrive as professionals and as people when all individuals are respected, all voices are heard, and all employees have the support and resources necessary. We’re focused on DEI&B as a business imperative in our products, service and culture so that you know more about creating a workplace that’s inclusive of all.

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Chris Todd

“At UKG, we’re committed to inspiring workforces around the world. Being recognised by our own customers — who choose and stay with UKG year after year, as reflected by our customer retention — is incredible validation of the work our 15,000-plus U Krewers globally perform daily. "

Chris Todd
Chief Executive Officer | UKG
Olympus Property

“We know UKG shares our values, and we think of UKG as a partner that takes care of our people. For example, UKG’s Model My Pay functionality delivers on the kind of trust and positive experience we try to build for our employees…With UKG, we are giving our team members peace of mind.” 

Stephanie Grant
Director of People | Olympus Property
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