UKG Ready – Access Control

Manage access to your business facilities

Provide controlled access to your facilities for the safety of your people, security of your intellectual property and protection of your reputation.

UKG Ready Access Control

All that’s included

Track employee time, attendance, and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules — and easily manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control.

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Fully integrated

Use the Access Control system as a standalone product or as a fully integrated part of your workforce management solution, all on the same platform.

Intuitive interface

Quickly and easily assign policies and access rights by person, location and time to control and manage access to your premises.

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Reliable protection

Regulate access to buildings to help ensure protection for what your organisation values most: your people, your proprietary property and your reputation.

UKG Ready
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Leverage the power of HR, talent, payroll and time in a single solution to deliver a modern, personalised experience that increases efficiency and simplifies compliance.

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