UKG HR Service Delivery - People Assist

Empower employees to self-service

Provide employees with the consumer-level experiences that they expect while alleviating administrative burdens to drive more strategic HR.

people assist

All that’s included

Deliver a better employee experience for all your people across the organisation by providing your HR team with the solutions required to understand and support people in a meaningful way. Empower employees to find personalised HR information and free up HR’s time to focus on more strategic HR initiatives.

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Contextualised Knowledge Base

Empower employees to find answers to HR-related questions in a searchable and personalised knowledge portal that shows only relevant articles based on the employee’s location, department and title.

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Configurable Workflows

Support all employee life-work events with custom global or local processes that adapt depending on the employee’s attributes, and centralise task management and steps within the process.

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Employee Case Management

Submit more complex requests to HR or fill in a form to kick off a request, which is routed automatically to the right HR person based on predefined workflows.

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Optimised Service Delivery

Track and report on key metrics such as SLA performance, requests by category and time to resolve in order to continuously improve HR service delivery performance.

UKG HR Service Delivery
Impactful HR Service Delivery

Provide a better way to support employee requests and their important life-work moments, through HR digitisation, process automation and service-level insights.

UKG HR Service Delivery
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