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Webinar: Future of Work and Life-work Technology

What's Next: Life-work Technology

Today’s workforce is undergoing drastic transformation, driven by changing demands from customers and new expectations from employees. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining the talent required for organisations to flourish requires a new approach to workforce technology.

Join UKG and guest speaker Forrester to explore the challenges faced by organisations in new Future of Work, and why businesses must become ‘life-aware’ to improve the employee experience and business performance.

“The human needs to be at the centre of technology design, otherwise people are not going to use it or trust it…Technology does have a very important role to play, and technology needs to support the human activities, which is why the ‘trust relationship’ needs to exist between employees and machines.” Dan Bieler, Forrester

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn how being in service of people, not processes, using Life-work Technology™ can improve the employee experience and enable organisations to succeed in the future of work.