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UKG Ready Compensation

With UKG Ready Compensation you’ll be able to streamline the entire compensation planning process — from defining programs and guidelines to budgeting and modeling to routing proposals for approvals.

In this product profile, learn how you’ll be able to eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets and manual processes while also reducing the risk that sensitive compensation information will get into the wrong hands with UKG Ready Compensation.

UKG Ready Compensation

Whether it’s tracking down spreadsheets or constantly managing revisions so compensation decisions meet your budget, an organisation’s compensation planning process can easily feel overwhelming and out of control.

By leveraging UKG Ready Compensation, you’ll eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets and gain better visibility into compensation planning by leveraging a single, end-to-end solution with comprehensive reporting and an intuitive interface.

Learn how you’ll be able to:

  • Easily create and assign compensation planning worksheets to managers and approvers
  • Reduce the risk of budget overspend and ensure compensation decisions align with your guidelines
  • Improve employee retention by ensuring the right rewards are going to the right people
  • Increase transparency and fairness of compensation decisions

Check out our product profile to understand how UKG Ready Compensation gives you the right tools so you can create more meaningful and connected work experience for your people.