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The myths and reality of modern workforce management

Time recording or workforce management (WFM) are not just buzzwords, but key topics for HR departments in the UK and across Europe. The negative image of time and attendance systems persists for many organisations – seen as bureaucratic, draconian, and time-consuming. But is this image true of today’s solutions and the benefits they deliver for organisations and employees?

Die Zeiterfassung im Faktencheck

Fairness, a positive employee experience, greater flexibility and employee data protection are just a few of the many advantages that modern cloud-based workforce management solutions deliver today. Empowering employees and managers with tools that give them greater visibility and control of their time and activity enables greater flexibility, real time decision support and 100% payroll accuracy – providing a solid foundation for future-proof HR.

Download the infographic to explore:

  • The time and attendance image problem: Prejudices
  • Modern workforce management: The reality check
  • A checklist for future proofing your people process