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We think you’re pretty special when you’re a UKG customer. That’s why we build products designed to inspire your people — and your organisation — to grow and thrive. Here’s a sample of what our customers have to say about their UKG experience



"UKG gives staff more responsibility, ownership and accountability and it gives a good impression of a modern company. I can now prepare board reports with proper qualitative data and real understanding of the issues at hand.”
Helen Cobb
Head of HR


“Moving from paper to electronic was a slam dunk. It was exactly what we needed. The difference between having a stack of papers one day and everything digitally accessible the next day is quite remarkable.”

Elizabeth Abbot
Director, People Systems Biogen

Crossland Construction

"Our company owner estimates we saved $850,000 in the first year with our UKG solution."

Colin Fisher
IT Manager

Groupe Rocher

“With UKG, the administrative part of signing up a new employee is done in 15 minutes.​ Groupe Rocher is now ‘a much more modern employer’.”

Daniel Gottselig
Director, Compensation & Benefits/Integration HR Group​


“One thing that attracted us was the file management features, especially the configurability to adapt easily to local processes. We were able to set the workflows at a local level, as each HR team wanted.”

Mirka Janhonen
Digital HR and Workplace Development


“Ensuring we attract, retain and optimise the performance of our people is critical. I see immense value in the enhanced automation and self-service functionality of the latest solution from UKG. I’m confident we’ll shortly realise the benefits of a truly advanced workforce management platform, that will support our goals to enhance the performance of our people and the efficiency of our operations."

Gary Marshall
Operations Director


“Historically, there was information in different locations, which made accessing and updating documents difficult. Now everyone knows these are in the UKG system and that they are up to date.”

Susan Mitchell
Head of People Services

PP Control & Automation LTD

"UKG are really friendly, approachable, and very patient in explaining how everything works. From a customer experience perspective, I would like to see my employees and colleagues treat our customers as well as UKG has treated us."  

Malcom Condon   
HR Peoples Partner​

Saint Gobain logo


“Supervisors can now take a greater level of ownership in managing their employees, which has helped to improve absenteeism, reduce overtime costs and boost employee engagement.” 

Alan Such
Financial Controller


“It was never easy to connect with HR previously. Working the 3rd (late) shift, I had to—from home—call, send emails or contact management to get answers. ​Now with this new tool, I have immediate answers in a few clicks. I just connect to the internet and I’m on UKG.”

Frederic Parizot
Supply Chain Operator​

HelloFresh logo


"Our experience with UKG has been amazing from start to finish. The biggest benefit is the smoothing and automation of a number of very manual processes. The project managers have really partnered with the team to deliver a great internal experience."

Marie Helson 
People Director

National Timber logo

National Timber Group

“UKG has been key in enabling us put some real basic standard processes in place and have a central point for all things HR-related.” 
Kate Rowntree
HR Systems Coordinator


“Previously, it took our store managers two to three hours to manually create their schedules each week. With UKG’s automated scheduling, this time has been reduced by 90%, now taking just 15 minutes.”

Jim Hale 
Resource & Planning Professional

Moss Bros.

"UKG has enabled our teams to take full ownership of their time & attendance and management of store colleagues, offering a visibility that wasn’t possible previously. From a HR perspective, UKG has enabled the measurement and control of key HR metrics, such as absence and retention - a game changer for our current business."

Lexi Barringer
Senior HR Business Partner


UKG Pro Workforce Management responds with agility, which is essential to our short- and long-term operational planning. The combination of analytics, automation, and optimization will result in organizational flexibility and simplification.”

Olivier Fache
Director of Organisation and Planning

Afry logo


“A better user experience leads to, the happiness of our people that is important to drive employee engagement which has a positive customer impact - all is connected.”

Hanna Summa
SVP, Global Head HR​

Bouygues Telecom

“We chose UKG because it is innovative. With the e-payslips and electronic signature, we have changed the lives of HR operations, with less paper and guaranteed security.”

Marc Grunenwald
Former Shared Services Department Manager​

Bureau Veritas logo

Bureau Veritas

“With UKG we can make sure we’re compliant on our employee administrative activities, spend more time on people development and recruit the talent for today and for tomorrow.”

Fernanda Ribeiro,

CDC Habitat

“UKG is an all-in-hand, innovative solution that allows us to consolidate all aspects of HR digitization. Be it the electronic vault, HR document management or the electronic signature.”

Laurent Pernin 
HRIS Manager

CHRU de Nancy

“The transmission and storage of digitized documents is much easier and more secure than in paper format. ​Digitalization reduces the ‘administrative workload’ and increases the productivity of our teams, but also provides our employees with quick and easy access to their documents.”​

Nadia Thomas
HRIS Manager

Derwen College

“UKG Ready enables us to customise allocating different pay to specific job categories; meaning one employee can fill a variety of jobs and be paid accurately. This was the only solution on the market that offered this functionality.”

Natalie Bellis
HR Director

Egis logo


“UKG's solution is really comprehensive. From the moment an employee arrives until they leave, we can communicate with them. They can easily find all the information they need. The platform is very intuitive, so it's very easy for us [the HR teams] to use and set up. We've saved a lot of time on all our processes.” 

Alexia Le Corre
HR Team Leader


“We therefore dematerialised HR documents with the provision of an employee vault to all our employees and the provision of their payslips in electronic format.”

Project Coordinator

Les Ambassadeurs

"One of the exciting aspects of UKG Pro Workforce Management is the constant development and enhancements delivered via the solution. After ceasing operations for a few months during the pandemic, we returned to a system with new features and functionality!"

Richard Callaghan
HR Business Partner

London Energy

“UKG Pro Workforce Management has been transformational for London Energy. The fully responsive user interface gives employees control over how they want to work and personalises the experience to include information that’s most important to them.”

Mark Beattie
Head of Central Services

Mazars logo


"With UKG we have halved the filing time, which of course has increased the number of documents filed and reduced errors! Recruiters no longer have to search the drop-down menu for the right title. The level of precision is such that they only need to validate the type of document proposed. It is obvious that we have gained in working comfort." 
Sandrine Vassal
Head of Personal Services

Mentaur Group

“We migrated to UKG Pro Workforce Management and the implementation experience has been very positive. The UKG Services team has worked impeccably and in true partnership with us, ensuring they fully understand our business.”

Mónica Melo


"UKG helped us transform our Shared Service Center. Not only have we seen huge cost savings, but we have seen a significant impact on employee satisfaction."

JL Clamens
Head of Administrative Management and Payroll

Onside Youth Zones

“Managing absence with UKG is more efficient and robust than our previous manual process. Absence is immediately flagged to ensure payroll is fair and accurate. Leave tracking for employees is straightforward via the app. The net result is that our Youth Zone managers spend far less time in the office managing absence, and more time working with our young people.”

Duncan Hall
Systems Implementation Manager

Orléans Métropole

“Thanks to digitalization, the HR function will be better able to position itself as a service provider. Payroll and administrative management is a time-consuming task with little interest. Tomorrow, we will be placing more emphasis on supporting agents in their career development, in terms of training, reclassification, mobility, etc. Our business will become more value-added and more strategic.”

Nicolas Lonvin
Head of HR

Patrizia SE

“Investing in a digital HR system brings quick dividends. It opens up totally new opportunities that are worth their weight in gold for a global and rapidly growing company like PATRIZIA. We’re delighted we took this step with UKG.”

Kornelia Mayr
Associate Director HR


“We currently have more than 10,000 UK employees using UKG in the cloud and look forward to realising even more benefits as we continue to bring all 30,000 UK and Ireland employees onto to the solution.”

Sue Prince, UKG Solution Team Lead


“UKG has enabled us to become more efficient. The digitization of HR documents as well as the electronic signature, has allowed us to shorten the processes. In addition, the security of data is guaranteed, which is reassuring, particularly in view of the evolution of current legislation.”

Fabrice Sericola
former Director of HR Service Center​


“UKG HR Service Delivery is a very solid solution. It has a very good footprint and track record.”

Michael Oggenfuss
Global Head HRIS and Employee Services​

The Assay Office

The Assay Office

“Since we started to use UKG Ready we have a much better understanding of our absence history and sickness is now running at less than 2%. Also, the holiday calendar is a great tool – for each department, we can see at a glance who is off at the same time, which helps us to plan proactively.”

John Parry 
Finance Director

NRG Riverside

NRG Riverside

“In the world we live in, data is power, so you need data quite freely available. Bringing in the UKG solution has allowed us to have data that we now use in other departments that we probably never would have in the past.” 

Jenny Cook 
Chief People Officer

Greater Anglia

“UKG Pro Workforce Management is the only solution capable of providing the invigorating experience our workforce needs and we are confident that will translate to an even more enjoyable experience for our customers.”

Himesh Patel, Head of IT Service Delivery

Howard Tenens Logistics

“The tracking and reporting tools have been hugely beneficial for improving efficiency. We are now much better prepared for potential volatility with the new solution in place”

Sophie Berry
Group CI & Efficiency Manager


“We have been with Kronos, now UKG, for over 20 years and realised the application needed to be upgraded from an on-premise to a cloud-based solution. After looking at other systems it was clear that UKG still offered the best fit for our needs”

Martin Bakker
HR Advisor

Mersey Rail

“The benefits we will reap from UKG Pro Workforce Management will have a resounding impact on our operations and, as a result, on our customer experience as employees come to work energised and empowered to serve. We are confident our partnership with UKG will only elevate the experience for everyone.”

Zoe Hand


“80% of our staff is composed of flight personnel who are, by definition, very often in flight. They can sign their documents anywhere, anytime. On the HR side, today I'm giving this interview outside our offices and yet I can sign a document remotely if I need to. Our deadlines are thus always respected.”

Laetitia Joly
Payroll Manager & Personnel Administration​


“A new tool that allows us to have real exchanges with employees.​ We can broaden our scope; we're going to manage employees in Marseille, Lille, Paris and Lyon.”​

Cindy Jospitre 
Resource & Planning Professional


“Today the UKG platform is used to have a common employee file for all departments. We've really gained in terms of optimizing the employee file, with a common place to retrieve information.”

former Performance Expert​


“Our main challenge was to offer services to our employees that are in line with their expectations. We wanted to improve our operational performance to ensure that communication between employees and HR departments was quick and easy.”​

Malik Kahil
Application Operations Manager​

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