Our ESG Program
Our ESG Priorities

We have established a comprehensive set of targets, both for the near and long term, with emphasis on positively impacting the environment; broadening our social equity, opportunity, and impact programs; and ensuring our employees, partners, and customers consistently adhere to high ethical standards and business practices.

Materiality Assessment

Our Material Topics

UKG conducts a biennial global materiality assessment, in partnership with an independent, impartial third-party provider, to remain focused on the most impactful areas related to our business operations, employees, communities, and the environment. Our inaugural assessment took place in 2021. The results from the assessment helped define our areas of strategic focus, which are as follows:



  • Climate Change: The reduction of internal and external company climate impact and resulting strategies for measuring, managing, and minimising energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • E-Waste: The efforts and initiatives to responsibly dispose of electronic waste and increase electronics recycling and waste diversion.
  • Waste: The minimisation of solid waste consumption and production, and the increase of recycling and waste diversion efforts. 



  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Social Impact: The global strategic initiatives related to ensuring equity of representation, opportunity, compensation, and wellbeing for all team members and the acceleration of social equity, opportunity, and impact, through global philanthropic initiatives and volunteerism for our employees, customers, and communities.
  • Talent and Culture: The initiatives related to employee satisfaction, recruitment, talent retention, and company culture.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Success: The programs related to long-term customer success and satisfaction with products, services, and relationships.



  • Governance and Business Ethics: The practices — including our core values, code of conduct, and governance structure — related to corporate governance and operating ethically and with integrity.
  • Privacy and Data Protection: The policies, practices, and protocols to protect and manage the collection, retention, and use of sensitive, confidential, and personally identifiable data.
  • Cybersecurity: The policies, practices, and protocols to protect IT infrastructure, networks, and devices to secure customer and user data.


Our ESG Targets

Our ESG targets are aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where we are best positioned to contribute. These forward-thinking targets are ambitious but realistic, and we hold ourselves accountable to progress to achieve and/or surpass each pillar in a timely manner. Our latest targets and progress can be found in the UKG Global Impact Report.

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