UKG Dimensions

Global workforce management for complex industry needs

Discover AI-powered workforce solutions with tailored industry features, all built on an intelligent and extensible platform to help you redefine the work experience for your people.

UKG Dimensions
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Modern Extensible Platform

Go beyond traditional workforce management with a platform that connects seamlessly with your ecosystem of enterprise systems and applications 

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Intelligent Recommendations

Reach remarkable business outcomes with AI-powered scheduling recommendations that guide your people managers toward better decisions and provide life-work flexibility for your people

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Tailored for Your Industry

Purpose-built functionality and expertise that meet complex industry-specific requirements

UKG Dimensions features

Discover how the dynamic workplace platform and the power of UKG Dimensions™ can transform how your people perform at work, and help them thrive while achieving amazing business results.

Time and Attendance

Track employee time, attendance and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules and manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control.

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Ensure optimal staffing coverage for every shift, every day, with visibility into staffing while empowering employees with flexibility on how and when they work.

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Give frontline people managers a quick and actionable insight into their team’s productivity all in the moment, backed by data.

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Keep your organisation on pace with government and industry regulations with the proper insights, information and tools.

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Well-being at work

Keep your employees safe, heard and valued with the latest technologies from UKG, such as the InTouch DX™ time clock, Attestation and more.

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