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UKG InTouch DX Brochure

Learn how UKG InTouch® DX, the time clock of the future, provides a reimagined experience that engages and empowers users like never before.

Building on a rich history of time clock innovation, the UKG InTouch DX provides the consumer-grade simplicity and personalisation expected by today’s employees while harnessing built-in intelligence to surface important issues, highlight notifications, and present relevant actions in context for faster, more efficient interactions. Plus, this ultra-modern device works seamlessly with the next-generation UKG Dimensions™ suite from UKG to help drive accurate timekeeping, collaborative scheduling, improved compliance, and real-time access to the latest employee information.

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UKG InTouch DX Brochure

Learn about key features including:

  • A large, highly responsive touch-screen, optimised viewing angle, and always-on time and date display
  • Multi-clock schedule enforcement that allows employees use any UKG InTouch DX during their shift
  • Streamlined navigation and a personalised home screen with one-stop access to self-service transactions

Download this brochure and discover why UKG InTouch DX delivers a truly exceptional time clock experience designed for the modern workforce.