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The Complete Grey Area Report: The HR-Operations Divide

Learn about the “grey areas” of difference in the way HR and Operational teams think, act, and collaborate with one another within many businesses, with insights from 600 leaders in both Operations and HR. See how to align priorities with UKG People Operations to drive increased productivity, performance, talent acquisition, development and retention that are central to business success and employee lives.

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The Complete Grey Area Report: The HR-Operations Divide

There are, and will always be, grey areas in any business. While the term usually implies uncertainty of terms of responsibility and action, it doesn’t have to be this way. Grey areas can become sources of positive creativity, where differing parts of the business commit to collaborating more effectively in the interests of all, despite temporary ambiguity.

Partnered with, The Grey Area Report survey highlights the three top priorities of both the HR and Operations departments, introducing the misalignment where the HR department views the operational priorities of the organisation through “HR-tinted glasses”.

Why does this matter? As working practices shift to reflect the mandate to work from home, it has placed more importance on employee-wellbeing. And currently, as businesses struggle to recruit, develop, and retain talent amidst high turnover, there is great pressure to understand far more about how their employees think, feel and act on a daily basis.

In order to improve collaboration to attract, develop and retain your talent – and drive your business forward – we have created UKG People Operations. Align HR, Operations, and Employees to embrace your people AND performance.

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