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Building a Business Case for a Time and Attendance Solution Guide

Trying to manage time and attendance with manual, semi-automated, or disparate systems? Learn how to build a business case for complete automation.

Outdated approaches to time and attendance management make it difficult to control labour expenses and gain visibility into trends that could impact productivity, engagement, and compliance. You're confident that automating time and attendance — or upgrading to a more modern system — is the right call for your organisation. But you need stakeholder support, executive buy-in, and committed resources from key decision makers to make it happen.

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This guide provides worksheets, templates, checklists, and best-practice advice to help you:

  • Identify critical business drivers for accurate, efficient timekeeping
  • Calculate the value of automation — and the costs of doing nothing
  • Present an objective and persuasive case to key business leaders

Download this guide for five proven steps to help you gain buy-in and funding for a best-in-class time and attendance solution.