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Saint-Gobain empowers supervisors and managers to make better absence and overtime decisions, boosting productivity

  • 75% reduction in time and attendance admin time

  • Empowering supervisors and managers to make sensible absence and overtime decisions


Saint-Gobain PAM, committed to ensuring their activities, their employees and their partners are jointly involved in building a more sustainable and inclusive world.


UK-based Saint-Gobain PAM manufactures iron products such as pipelines and drainpipes for the construction and utilities industries. With 400 employees spread across four plants, it’s part of the global Saint-Gobain group that employs more than 180,000 people worldwide. Antiquated and poorly maintained systems were impacting on productivity and management of employee rosters and payroll. Finance was spending up to six days in a month manually checking and reviewing labour data in spreadsheets to ensure effective payroll. The inefficiencies hampered data collection which in turn impacted schedule management and overtime controls. The firm needed to take some action.

Saint Gobain PAM needed a solution that could electronically collect employee time data via conveniently positioned clocks, automate the calculation of payroll & seamlessly deliver payroll data to payroll provider.


UKG Ready was implemented by Saint-Gobain PAM at three of its four sites, to automate, simplify and speed up the T&A processes.

UKG Ready Time & Labour Management has delivered

  • Schedules workforce according to Saint-Gobain’s unique shift patterns
  • Incorporates more than 40 different pay rules
  • Collects T&A data via electronic clocks and swipe cards
  • Allows employees to swap shifts
  • Enables overtime to be authorised
  • Provides visibility of workforce hours
  • Prepares the data for seamless transfer to PeopleSoft payroll

“Our UKG solution provides our factory supervisors with full visibility of the workforce – both real-time and historic. This empowers them to manage their teams more effectively and make sensible absence and overtime decisions. The net result is better control of overtime and payroll costs, as well as a more engaged workforce.”

Alan Such

Financial Controller


Automation of T&A has improved productivity across the organisation. The time taken to prepare the data for payroll has reduced by 75% from 6 to 1.5 days per month. This not only removed the need to replace a retiring member of the Finance team, it also enabled Finance to delegate T&A administrative responsibility to the supervisors on the factory floor. Supervisors have full visibility of the workforce, empowering them to make better absence and overtime decisions, based on employee availability and preference. This has reduced overtime and absenteeism, and has boosted employee engagement.

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