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Les Ambassadeurs Empowers Employees with UKG

  • One consolidated system

  • Streamlined processes

  • Gained enhanced visibility of employee schedules

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Les Ambassadeurs (Les A) is a members-only gambling club based in Mayfair, London. It offers luxury bars, restaurants, and gambling rooms to their global clientele.


Being part of the luxury hospitality and gambling industry, every part of Les A’s operation needs to run smoother than a Swiss watch. Adapting to the needs of their busy global clientele requires the constant planning and adjustment of labour and resources to meet demand and capitalise on revenue opportunity.

With such a high level of customer service expected, it was critical that management could reduce the amount of time spent on back-office HR tasks – so they could focus on delivering the luxury experience that members demand.

Before adopting UKG Dimensions, the timekeeping and HR systems were entirely separate. This created multiple points of personnel data entry, increasing the likelihood of errors and causing unnecessary additional work. Inconsistencies in methods and systems used for requesting and recording HR related tasks adversely affected the employee experience – and increased the administrative burden on managers.


When they were notified that their existing 3rd party HR system was being sunsetted, Les A took the opportunity to re-evaluate their current people systems and processes. Their aim was to consolidate systems and streamline processes. After careful evaluation Les A chose to migrate from their legacy UKG workforce management solution to the latest UKG Dimensions solution, implementing both the Workforce Management and HR modules. Their objectives were met successfully, with enhanced visibility of schedules and requests for all staff members, and a greatly streamlined HR operation.

“One of the exciting aspects of UKG Dimensions is the constant development and enhancements delivered via the solution. After ceasing operations for a few months during the pandemic, we returned to a system with new features and functionality!”

Richard Callaghan

HR Business Partner


Since migrating to UKG Dimensions, the experience for employees and managers has been transformed. Device-agnostic access to the cloud-based UKG Dimensions solution has given managers at Les A the visibility and control to identify and manage issues before they become problems – minimising queries from colleagues and freeing up time to focus on client experience.

The mobile self-service features in UKG Dimensions are giving colleagues greater control of their work-life, enabling them to view their work schedules, request time off, and swap or request shifts. All of which has helped to improve employee morale, productivity, and customer service.

Les A are now able to more accurately align client, employee, and business demands – improving the experience for clients and colleagues, and maximising return on labour budgets.

The flexibility and adaptability of the UKG Dimensions solution were demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using it, Les A were able to manage employees who were either furloughed or assigned to new roles. During the lockdown, Les A also diversified into online gaming. Again, Dimensions was able to handle the new opportunities and workforce management requirements this entailed.

It’s now easy for Les A to automate a wide array of financial, strategic, and business planning reports that utilise workforce management data. This has saved valuable IT personnel hours that have now been redeployed to service other parts of the business.

Employees can dynamically view – anytime, anywhere – the content that matters most to them, such as upcoming shifts and time-off balances; while managers can view and edit labour balances, absence records, and overtime trends.

Fulfilling hiring and onboarding processes for new staff is much more straightforward. HR managers can view the status of open positions, review qualified candidates, and see where they are in the process – eliminating the need for manual email follow-ups and internal status meetings.

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