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Feel like you're an army of one, buried in paperwork and managing everything from hiring, to employee relations and payroll — and all the other things that come up in between? You're not alone! Tune in for insights to help take the hassles out of managing your people and your processes.

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Struggling to recruit and retain talent? It’s time to embrace Life-work Technology

The world of work has changed - for good! People are demanding more from their employers - social responsibility, flexibility, autonomy, and a feeling of being valued. To recruit and retain talent organisations must become life-aware and embrace Life-work Technology.
Hiring and Retaining Talent
What Works UK

The Antidote to the Great Resignation

Read this blog to learn how psychological expectations can lead to a phenomenon such as the Great Resignation. Discover how to take action and close the gap between these expectations and reality in order to retain the best talent.
Rapid Retail Delivery

Retail's Need for Speed

Have you ever wondered how retailers can compete with Amazon's ability to fulfill orders in under 24 hours? Learn how Workforce Management Systems can help to answer this question through forecasting and managing your most important resource: people.
Empty Meeting Room

The COVID paradox: Why are job seekers not filling vacancies?

Hiring trends continue to go in unexpected directions - it's time to take a deeper look and see where organisations have opportunities to make changes.
Manager discussing work schedules

Retail Labour Planning: Over-contracted vs Overtime

Store managers can often struggle to meet labour budgets due to a mismatch between customer demand, budgeted hours, and employee contracts. This leaves them questioning: is it better to make use of overtime or over-contracting?
Flexible Working

Making Flexibility Work For Everyone

Workforce flexibility offers value to employers and employees, but while it's not always possible to give the same level of flexibility to every worker, there are ways to empower everyone to take greater control of the life-work activity.
Post-BREIXT Labour Laws

Handling Post-Brexit Labour Compliance Complexity

Following the UK's exit from the EU a number of compliance-related themes are emerging. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement sets out the new relationship between the UK and the EU, raising a number of issues for employers. Learn about some of the "In Flight" directives affecting business and the role of Workforce Management in simplifying compliance adherence.
Interview: Jane Graham - VP of UKG Customer Success

UKG Executive Interviews: Jane Graham, VP of Customer Success

Join Peter Harte, VP Enterprise Sales EMEA and Jane Graham, VP of Customer Success at UKG to learn how we partner with customers to deliver rapid ROI and long-term business success.
Coaching Performance using Analytics

Retail: Trust, Transparency and Operating Models

Read this blog to learn why it's so important to take the time to explain to store mangers how your system operating models have been configured, in order to optimise store revenue potential.
National Minimum Wage Compliance

National Minimum Wage Compliance

Updates to UK National Minimum Wage regulations in 2020 have changed the criteria for determining the status of your employees. Learn of the changes and the actions you must take before the end of 2021 from employment experts PWC.
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Who is the employee of the future, and how has COVID-19 changed them?
Who is the employee of the future, and how has COVID-19 changed them?

COVID-19 has shifted your people's expectations. See how HR teams can adjust to continue meeting them effectively.

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The New Future of Work
The New Future of Work

Over nine months into COVID-19 in the UK and two things are clear. Firstly, many of the new business procedures and the changes made so rapidly to business models during the spring and early summer of 2020 are here to stay.

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The New Future of Work in Retail
The New Future of Work in Retail

See how retail businesses have addressed ever growing digital demand, and how they handled the complexities of workforce management during the COVID-19 crisis.

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