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These are pointers to some reviews of our products - unfortunately, many have appeared in text-based publications and are not yet online. But expect to see this page growing as time goes on!

Ixion's Wheel

Flagship magazine, the bible of PBM, has published a review of Ixion's Wheel (by Claire Fayers) and a diary (by Alan Huyton) in three parts: first, second and third.


arcane magazine reviewed UNEXPLAINED, but they're not on the net at all: here's a transcript. We also have a double review from The Postal Roleplayer by Trey Stone and Wendy Prosser, together with an article by me. Flagship printed a double review of UNEXPLAINED by Alan Huyton and Stuart Lorimer. Add to that the double review by Matt Saunders and Antony Smith in Games Without Frontiers (not yet on the net) and you have quite a few opinions to consider.

Pieces of Eight!

The review of Pieces of Eight! in Flagship, by Nick Palmer MP, is up on the net now. Glowing, of course... We also had a review in Games Games Games magazine, which we're trying to get permission to reproduce here.


Here's the Flagship review by Jeremy Wasden – and here are the diary pieces which assorted players wrote describing their parts in the Slasher Hunt.


Flagship has been running a diary of a demo game of Europa, with contributions from all eight players. It starts with an article on Getting started in Europa, then there are five successive installments(First Thoughts, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) now on the Web – more to come!

Because I (Mo) am incredibly vain, here's links to some of my own Flagship reviews of other people's PBM games: Sloth Enterprises' Feudal Lords (and the second part), Pete McGiffen's Borderlands, Silver Dreamer's Under Different Suns, Pagoda Games's Realms of Fantasy, and Eternam Games's Aqua Eternam. More still to come...