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Turn 22 for Andrew Barton: your credit is GBP 8

Baron Calico Jack of the Dreadnaught White Tornado, Summer 1585



A-harr! This is what you told us to do, o mighty cap'n!
We were to target the verminous Estragon, wherever it might be found (5)
We planned to ruthlessly board our wild-eyed victims! (1)
We used our (severely limited) intelligence when boarding (1)
We stole the specifications of the lice-infested Ill Wind (2)
We stole the strategy logbook of the scurvy Ill Wind (2)
We ordered another pair of guns (1)

===== HAILS =====

Captain Big Bad Dom (2): The End is Nigh
Captain Charlie (3): Good luck to those who deserve it...
Captain Desperate Dan (4): No offence Mavvers me old mate!

============ TURN RESULTS ============

We patrolled our home, the Bermuda Triangle (8) ...in which luck is never agin us, but lookouts are sore baffled!

Panic stations! The warship Julius Caesar is coming after us! ... but fortunately it's looking in the wrong Area!

We heard that our target, the knock-kneed Estragon, was in the Horn of Plenty (7), so moved there

We heeded your instruction to add another pair of Guns
We are away from home, so a pair of Guns costs 75 PE
We completed the purchase of a new pair of Guns

The following ships were in our current area Horn of Plenty
The Intact Pirate Cog Golden Hound III
The Intact Pirate Barque Ill Wind
The Intact Merchant Barque Desailly
The Incapacitated War Ketch Estragon - our chosen target

We were delayed by our work on the ship

First we sought to attack the cowardly Estragon (Incapacitated War Ketch)
In local knowledge terms they were marginally favoured!
And lo! we caught our victim and boarded it...
We could not fail to catch our quarry
We successfully boarded Estragon in our intelligent fashion
We had 62 crew and 14 officers
Estragon had 15 crew and 3 officers
0 crew and 0 officers were killed on White Tornado
15 crew and 2 officers were killed on Estragon
Our bold crew snatched 120 PE from Estragon
Estragon was gutted and floated, a useless hulk, at our side!

Our hull has been devoured by fusarium fungus, destroying one level of Protection!

We have offered alliance to the following pirates: None
and the following pirates have offered alliance to us: None
so we have solid alliance with the following: None

We had no wish of a new order slot this season


We returned to our cosy home, cap'n, the Bermuda Triangle (8)

You were granted the title of Earl ! We can expect to be earning extra Terror Points from now on!

The White Tornado is Intact and the crew are Elated, sir
The crew moaned at the cramped conditions to which they were subjected


These are the ships we espy to hunt in Bermuda Triangle (8) next season, cap'n!
Our lookouts were baffled by the miasma of the Bermuda Triangle!
The Intact Merchant Diego Velasquez (30)
The Intact Brigantine Lusiade (33)
The Intact Barque Lisboa (38)
The Merchant Cog Nouvelle Orthophonie (42)
The Intact War Cog Il Giglio Rosso (44)
The Intact Schooner Plutarch (46)
and 2 mystery vessels which we could not identify!

There are currently 6 warships on the Main!

Here is the information we gleaned on the knock-kneed Ill Wind
Its hull is 50 feet long
It currently has 50 Strength Points
Its Protection is 1
It has a Speed of 3
It carries 5 pairs of Guns
It has 2 Lookouts
It holds 1 barrels of Rum
Its complement is 26 Crew and 5 Officers

The wild-eyed Ill Wind was given the following strategy to follow:
They paid 779 PE into their cache / bank account
They were to set their sails for the hell-spawn Beata Beatrix
They planned to cripple, board and then sink their wild-eyed victims!
They threw caution to the winds and boarded recklessly
They ordered another barrel of rum

The following numbers of ships are in each area of the Main:
1: 13, 2: 5, 3: 9, 4: 4, 5: 11, 6: 1, 7: 5, 8: 9, 9: 3


The title of Earl was conferred on Baron Calico Jack!

Mouldy Manticore III crippled Friedrich Von Ardsbu, then destroyed it by boarding!
Cog Sinister fired on Henrietta Maria and deliberately sank it!
Wolverine II fired on En Garde! in a vain attempt to sink it!
White Tornado destroyed Estragon by boarding it!
Vulture fired at Souvlaki trying to cripple it, boarded it inconclusively, then futilely tried to sink it!
Jolly Jalfrezi III fired on Marie de Medicis in a vain attempt to sink it!

Status report for Earl Calico Jack of the Dreadnaught White Tornado
Status at the end of Summer 1585 - Turn 22

Bank Account 106

Terror Points 24459


Hull size 100

Current Strength Points 100


Protection 1

Speed 3

Pairs of Guns 10

Lookouts 5

Rum 10


Crew 62 (who are Elated)

Officers 14


Ship Fund 1263

Home Area Bermuda Triangle (8)

Currently in Bermuda Triangle (8)

Caches in Areas 1-9
1:0, 2:0, 3:0, 4:218, 5:0, 6:0, 7:0, 9:0,


The Bo'sun reports that ideally we would have a crew of between 38 and 50

We have sunk 8 warships!
Summer 1585 - Turn 22
1 Calico Jack White Tornado Bristol 24459
2 Clarence Fellweather Ill Wind Portsmouth 20597
3 Collins Vulture Liverpool 14102
4 Xavier St Cloud Wolverine II Bristol 12823
5 Big Bad Dom Old Fearsome London 11622
6 Maverick Golden Hound III Liverpool 11045
7 Mystic Mel Mouldy Manticore III London 10164
8 Charlie Cog Sinister London 10147
9 Desperate Dan Delta of Venus Bristol 8661
10 Bartholomew Roberts Good Fortune II Portsmouth 6128
11 Short Jim Pewter Jolly Jalfrezi III Liverpool 5763
12 Kevin Eye of the Storm III Portsmouth 5506

Summer 1585 - Turn 22
1 Clarence Fellweather Ill Wind Portsmouth 3342
2 Collins Vulture Liverpool 2660
3 Charlie Cog Sinister London 2099
4 Desperate Dan Delta of Venus Bristol 1057
5 Mystic Mel Mouldy Manticore III London 478
6 Calico Jack White Tornado Bristol 106
7 Big Bad Dom Old Fearsome London 20
8 Xavier St Cloud Wolverine II Bristol 0
9 Maverick Golden Hound III Liverpool 0
10 Short Jim Pewter Jolly Jalfrezi III Liverpool 0
11 Bartholomew Roberts Good Fortune II Portsmouth 0
12 Kevin Eye of the Storm III Portsmouth 0

City totals:
London 34530
Bristol 47106
Liverpool 33570
Portsmouth 35573

Bounties are available for destroying the ships of the following pirates:
Captain Mystic Mel: 7 PE
Captain Big Bad Dom: 5 PE
Captain Charlie: 6 PE
Captain Desperate Dan: 3 PE
Baron Xavier St Cloud: 1 PE
There is a bounty of 8 PE riding on us!


The Admiralty urgently require that Earl Calico Jack and crew
of the White Tornado return immediately to England
to help in the defence of the realm against the threatened Armada which
King Philip of Spain has launched against
your country and sovereign Queen Elizabeth
(signed) Charles Howard, 2nd Lord Howard of Effingham, Earl of Nottingham
Lord High Admiral


Game 3 ended on Turn 22
The overall winner was ANDREW BARTON (EARL CALICO JACK)
In second place was Graham Harper (Captain Clarence Fellweather)
And third came Chris Robinson (Captain Collins)

Congrats to them, and thanks to everyone else for taking part - hope you enjoyed the game!

Earl Calico Jack (6) out of Bristol - Game 3 - Andrew Barton

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