Postscript from the GMs

One of the things which makes this game rather different from Inferno is that the setting is less consensual. Everyone has a pretty good idea of what late Victorian Europe was like, and it was a fairly simple matter to describe the ways in which the Inferno world differed. This is a bit more tricky in Mammon Inc, because there are all sorts of different ideas as to what the late 22nd century might be like, and ours combines many of them and adds some new bits. This is why we've been at such pains to try and get across the way that people think and live in the Mammon Inc world - if you can get a grip on that framework, the detail can be swiftly coloured in. But what we propose to do is to use the mailing list as a questions forum - any questions you have about the game world, send them in to it, and we'll answer them publicly (apart from questions to do with your character specifically, of course, which you should send to us privately). That way we'll be able to develop a group consensus about what the world is like.
We think it's important that you should all be able to hit the ground running on Turn 1, rather than spending turns just blundering about wondering what to do - will be more enjoyable if we get straight into it!

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Mammon Inc © Mo Holkar and Antonia Mansel-Long, 1999
With thanks to Tony Short and Martin Lloyd for ideas and discussions. Thanks also to Martin for the artwork!

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