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Signing up for Corporation

Setup and your first two turns are absolutely free, whether you play by post or by email. After that we're charging just GBP 0.50 per turn to receive turn results by email, GBP 1.00 to receive them by post.

Public test launch

Corporation is being launched as a public beta test. This game is big and detailed enough that we're still adding features to it: we're not going to call it finished until it's had several months of play with several hundred players. So this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and also, if you want to, contribute to the game's development, because the final shape of the game will very much be influenced by the feedback and suggestions we get from players. That's why the turn fee is so low: you'll be playing on the understanding that the game will be evolving and changing over the coming months, and that we'll be hitting you with new rules and features as it develops.