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"Councillor, you must be aware that some people are afraid that this might lead to some kind of ‘second age' of Corporations."
"We will not make the same mistakes again. We allowed the Corporations to grow too strong, too powerful, and they tried to seize the power that rightly belongs in the hands of the common man. But the anti-Corporation laws introduced in the wake of the devastation of the Revolt have crippled our industries. Our city-states are poor and weak, there is no economic life in them. We need innovative, creative and competitive thinking to re-fire our economy. The return of the entrepreneur! Besides, we are not abandoning all our laws, merely loosening the chains on business a little. We have learnt from our mistakes – the Corporations may return, but we are certain that our cities will never again become the battle-grounds for their blind ambition. Their contempt for our laws, and so called ‘Black Ops' departments, are a thing of the past. We welcome these new Corporations, and look forward to the new life they will breath into our cities."


Over a century in the future, the governments of the world have devolved down into small city-states each with their own ruling council. The capitalist zeal of mankind was frightened out of it decades ago, when the ever strengthening global Corporations decided to free themselves once and for all from the constraints of democracy and the rule of law - a revolution led by a conspiracy of Corporations was defeated at only the last moment. The Corporations were broken up and prevented from reappearing by harsh new laws. But now the world has a problem - it is stagnating, and the city states are poor. A new movement has begun - surely the Corporations weren't that bad? Wasn't it too little control, too late, that caused the problems? Didn't they make the world rich before getting out of control? Perhaps, if done correctly, a new breed of Corporations could be created that breathe life into the economy, but do not seek to control it? Old laws are being re-drafted, new entrepreneurs sought, and it is the beginning of the second age of the Corporation.