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Enter the City of the Future

Corporation is the new game from Undying King Games, the people who've been breathing new life into postal and email gaming since 1995.

In Corporation, all your enterprise, vision and skill will be called for as you take control of the ravaged economy of a city of the future. Starting with one small company, your task is to expand, take over, and diversify, taking responsibility for the health, education and welfare of your workers and customers, dealing with the political whims of the corrupt city administration – until you grow big enough to replace them – all this in competition not with some mindless computer program, but with rival players all anxious to do exactly the same thing. Trade with them, exchange information with them, learn from them, but never, never trust them...

Playing Corporation

Corporation is an open-ended game without victory conditions: you can set your own goals as you play. Initially you might want to dominate production of one particular item, or you might want to be the largest conglomerate in your city, or you might want to take over the city's public services and control citizens' lives, or you might want to make your production the cleanest and most efficient in the world, or you might want to help your city grow to dominate local rivals, or...

The game can hold any number of players, grouped together initially eight to a city. Early dropouts are replaced with new players, to make sure that each city has a full complement of active players as they grow to dominate its local economy. All the cities are linked together in a global economy, but youll have to work to make much of an impact on that.

Between your turns the world of Corporation will be ticking away in real time, its citizens scurrying around implementing your last set of decisions, feeding back results to you for your next orders.

What can you do in Corporation?

The game is about running a multi-industry conglomerate in a futuristic society. You'll be * buying and improve premises * watching the markets * setting up operating companies * riding demand trends * buying machinery * conducting advertising campaigns * taking on and training staff * setting wage and amenity levels * marketing your products * researching new techniques and tools * developing markets for new goods and services * educating and caring for the health of your workers' families and your customers * running Grey Ops – spying on your rivals * running Black Ops – you can probably guess what that entails * sponsoring football teams... the only limit is your imagination. Well, actually it's a combination of your imagination and what the game can take, but the game's been designed to take an awful lot.

Starting up in Corporation, including your first two turns, is completely free. Just send us your name, postal and email address, and we'll start you up in the game

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